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Netsense is an adviser agency of digital communication. We were born in 2010 by the hand of Cristina Singla and Lorena van den Berg. From the beginning, in beta and updating, we are communication, strategy, design, UX, development, social content, mobile, analytics, and foremost we are digital.



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    We are Internet lovers

    We love it from the beginning, which happens to meet with our foundation. We are a multidisciplinary team, engineers, designers, advertising agents, journalists, web developers, consultants, but we do have something in common: our passion for digitalization.

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    We believe in innovation

    We believe in a world that moves and does it really fast. We like the work in progress and the constant experience of learning. We do love to keep us up-to-date, we like to be challenged by the innovation, in its shape and content.

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    We know that communication makes us better

    We know how to listen, calmly and for a long-term. We were born in a World that finally was connecting brands with targets and we do not know other way to plan our strategies.