Renewal of the new website for Autopistas an Abertis Company

Autopistas is a company of the Abertis Group, international leader managing high-ways. Through their website they want to cover all the travellers’ needs who go in their cars from the beginning of the journey till the end, helping them plan their route.
They already offer a variety of services for all the stages of the traveller: route plan before trip, tourist attractions, tips for road safety, special offers and discounts and Via T. They also offer services segmented by typology for each client: particular and professionals.

From now on with the new website, which we are a partner of, we want to go a step forward bettering’ site and getting closer to the user. That is why, in Netsense, we have established four mainly strategic goals for the redesign of the website: branding (a more closer one, friendly, which does put the client first), services (with the content of the customer services as the main focus of the Site) and online visibility (enlarging the online visibility through revision and updated to all the SEO aspects of the Site, whereas those are in a more technical or at a content level).

At the moment the website set up is made by Drupal units, this is why we will be in charge for the migration process of the platform to a WordPress one. Also, in Netsense, we are in charge of the public maintenance of the website as well as of the virtual office.

Visita el sitio web:

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