New digital eco-system for Càritas Diocesana of Barcelona

Netsense has developed the new digital appearance of Càritas Diocesana of Barcelona, based on three main points, its corporative website (, a blog about poverty and social exclusion ( and a website for the volunteer work campaigns (

The project has been carried out closely with the communication team of the entity. After many months of hard work defining the functionality of its architecture and its contents, technic analysis and designing screens following the last trends in UX and UI, we published the web on June 2017.

Some of the elements that we would like to highlight are: a general design used in the different pages, using video and masonry structure, which is very helpful for growing the web with new content and categories, and keeping the responsiveness of the screen all the time. On the usability side, we created a new online Donate Now section easy and quick to pay and donate in visual and intuitive way:

Talking about the way the contents are presented, we should highlight the Historic Files, with an interactive historic time-line, which offers relevant data about the main statistics of the company And the mosaic of Entities with Heart, a page that shows the numerous companies and businesses that already collaborate with this important social entity

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