Web of the Club de la Farmacia of Almirall

New web of the Club de la Farmacia of Almirall

At Netsense we have completed the total renovation of the Club de la Farmacia of Almirall, which as a result has made a qualitative leap in terms of user experience and usability (UX/UI). A concept has been achieved in which the idea of club, brand image and the incentive towards participation are the key.

The aim of the project has been to fully transform the web of the Club de la Farmacia, the pharmaceutical platform sponsored by Laboratorios Almirall. It is a benchmark site in the sector, due to the quality of its contents and its long-standing seniority, with 15 years of successful presence.

The challenge was to evolve the web platform with values focused on the idea of an informative portal to strengthen concepts such as CLUB, COMMUNITY and ENGAGEMENT. And to be able to transmit the desire for interaction, participation and shared incentives, the strength of unity that a club possesses.



A personal area has been constructed that enables the user to define their interests and those of their pharmacy. To consult the preferences of the pharmacist and improve access to the contents they are interested in, a My Favourites area has been established so that these resources, articles and news that they select as being of interest can be saved.

A commitment to training has been made, implementing a technological solution that now enables the Club de la Farmacia to have a powerful e-learning platform that is already being widely used by members of the Club.

Another of the most valuable assets of the Club is the Club Blog, whose contents have built up since its origins. Articles written by the self-same members of the editorial section of the web, but also by leading known writers, have made the blog one of the most appreciated in the sector (Ippok). The new web also has an audiovisual platform with many pharmaceutical-themed videos, the Club TV, which complements and accompanies the Blog, giving clubdelafarmacia.com an unequalled informative potential.

We have made a big change in the labelling of the options of the main menu, making it less rigid, more evocative, inviting users to take action, awakening greater interest in the information found behind them and generating greater engagement.

Inspired by clubs from other sectors, such as Westwing, we have implemented an entry landing for unregistered users that enables the previously logged in user to be authorised, but which mainly also acts as an attraction for the user that does not yet form part of the club to register and enter.



The project has been developed on the CMS WordPress platform. This platform enables us to have an easy, intuitive and scalable contents manager to be able to extend the platform at any time.

Visit the website:

Read the article we have published in our blog and which was also published in the magazine PM Farma.

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