Site Fluirespira patches

Fluirespira needs a new website adapted to the last technologies and devices: that is why Netsense has worked to create a new image and digital identity for the brand.

For Fluirespira patches we have created three social channels starting with their digital ID from scratch (at Facebook, Instagram and Youtube). For the launch of the different digital profiles there was a planning of positioning the brand, as well as researching for important content for Fluirespira in order to get to the right audience in a more approachable way.

With that in mind we launched with different and dynamic giveaways such as “It feels like Christimas”, “Insta-win”, “Secrets for the rest of the family”, “Recruiters”, “Tales for bedtime”, and “Writing contest”. Those competitions helped us in brand awareness, getting leads in a more dynamic way, promoting the loyalty of the audience with the brand with prizes and increasing new fans.

On the other hand, in order to reach a wider audience and earn bigger feedback about the product, we gave away sets of Fluirespira products with a personalized extra gift to influencers with a “mom-related” profile. For the selection of those we had in mind three aspects: attractive profiles for the brand, taking in mind the reach and feedback of their posts, the content that they usually use was curated and with a sense of nearby to the audience that we wanted to reach, and if they did fit with the product.
We also created a special brand-image for this action in order to spread and give more awareness to the product while the social channels were promoted.

Another leg in Netsense is SEM strategy. We work daily with keywords and searches related to Fluirespira products in order to increase the website’ visits and to promote the new digital identity of the brand, all through their monthly campaigns specifically thinking in helping the target-users to find the products in a more easy and quick way.

Finally, for their new Youtube channel we made two highly creative and dynamic videos about the product: on one side, the testimony of a mom, on the other, a speed-drawing explaining the qualities and benefits of the product. Those videos have helped as a visual support for all the digital platforms as well as the website achieving great results.

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