Juanola's digital release

The emblematic pharmaceutical brand Juanola, from the Angelini Pharmaceuticals laboratories, has opted for Netsense for the design and implementation of its new website, adapted to the latest technologies, taking advantage of the renewal of its image and rethinking the branding of the corp. We adapted the new site to all types of screens, with visual predominance in photos and videos, and applying the latest trends in design.

In addition, we currently manage and control each of their social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Google+) generating relevant content and close to the followers of the brand. We have made numerous contests on Facebook getting a high participation by the community of Juanola. The most outstanding action was the ‘Trivia 110 anniversary’, a contest we designed and managed for the 110th anniversary of the brand. It was a series of questions through which users could learn more about the history of Juanola, as well as information about their products. The fun of the contest was that users who completed the test in the shortest possible time and with the greatest number of hits, automatically entered the lottery of three large batches of brand products.

Also, in Netsense we have followed this type of social network dynamics to bring us closer to Juanola users and increase the community. Therefore, another of the actions we launched was a recruiting game to increase the visibility of the brand’s new image. The approach of the game was based on getting to sign on as many friends as possible to win a weekend trip. For this action, we sought the support of a famous person which revitalize the client’s social networks.

Finally, in order to interact with the users, we developed the blog ‘Take care of Juanola’, of which Netsense is in charge of the planning, creation and publication of the contents centered on the Branded Content identity in relation to the categories of: health, well-being, mothers and healthy life. The blog is integrated in AMP to improve its positioning in the SERPs of Google, as well as in SEO positioning for Mobile and Tablet, and a fast navigation of the users. This has become the most visited page of the portal, thanks to the inclusion of innovative properties such as the section of ‘Related Articles’ and ‘Related Products’, which reduces the percentage of rebound and increases the number of pages / visit, as well as the duration of the session.

To create community, we developed the Social Media Hub, a platform where Juanola’s followers can interact with all social networks of the brand, managed in Netsense.

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