Creation, design and management of JVC social media

From Netsense we take on the task of creating, designing and running the social media of our clients. One example is the well-known brand of electronic devices for the domestic and professional market, JVC.

Through our Social Media team, every month we inform its followers of the diversity of products, both domestic and professional, that JVC offers. To do this, we look for attractive and informative texts, and a design produced and customised for the brand, so that it is recognised by its community in the social media.

Moreover, regarding posts relating to their products, we also use other themes such as motivational sentences, articles of interest relating to each sector and occasional actions that are undertaken throughout the year (for example, competitions, collaborations with the Spanish sportsman Mario Mola, actions with digital magazines, etc.).

However, we do not only create contents, we also take charge of managing each comment, doubt, private message that we receive from each social media, offering the users a close, immediate and quality service.

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