Laboratorio Echevarne, experts in Clinical Analysis, Clinical Studies, Pathological Anatomy, Veterinary and Industry studies, have trusted in Netsense to develop its new corporate portal. In the new site a fresh and modern design coexists with the best UX browsing.

UX design and responsive

The challenge was the total renewal of the portal with a commitment to modern and professional design, where the images and iconography transmit and enhance the values and identity of Echevarne.

At the beginning of the project the usability of the previous site was analysed in order to detect its strengths and weaknesses. From this study arose a complete redesign that enables a friendlier and more intuitive browsing structure.

In the creation of the portal precedence was given so that the design and browsing adapt to all types of devices, making it a 100% responsive web. Another objective achieved successfully has been the optimisation of the loading time, reducing by more than 70% the total times compared to the previous portal.

Moreover, the integration has been improved with the company e-shop to increase online sales and boost this part of the business. All the programming of the project has been developed on the CMS WordPress platform with made-to-measure contents. One of the challenges has been the management and implementation of all the information in the 5 languages that the portal has been programmed in.


SEO Audit

At the same time, the improved SEO project has been undertaken for Laboratorio Echevarne. An SEO audit was carried out of the previous portal to analyse the most relevant terms that position Echevarne in the main search engines. The use of these terms was thus boosted in the contents of the new portal to optimise the organic results.

The web portal is currently 100% Google friendly: we have worked in depth on the web architecture, accessibility, sitemap, canonicalization, URL parameters, pagination, structured data and meta tags.

Visit the website:

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