More than going shopping, the new blog from BBVA

On the agenda at Netsense is the creation of contents for a community. That is why, together with BBVA we have developed the blog: “More than going shopping” of the BBVA online shop, also developed by Netsense.

In the blog you can find a great variety of information, such as: tips, curiosities, latest news and all the products it offers you.

As well as the main features on which the Netsense team has focused on are:

  • Multi-platform: it adapts to all types of devices, taking into account the UX making the blog responsive.
  • More visual: we produce an attractive content based on images representative of each article.
  • Creating community: it is the direct contact with the users of the shop. It provides them with the information necessary and keeps them up to date in the latest products and services available on the web, as well as comparing similar articles, providing choice to the users.
  • Connecting with the DeCompras shop: it shows the products relating to each article and updates prices and discounts.

Discover the web and blog we have created to find out about all the latest in products and promotions in: More than going shopping

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