Design of the website of the Palex OncotypeDX® test and social media management.

At Netsense, we are committed to promoting digital media for all types of companies, and the pharmaceutical sector is no exception. For this reason, this year, Palex, one of the leading companies in the world of health, has decided to collaborate with us.

At Netsense we have been primarily responsible for publicizing its new product: the OncotypeDX® test. Unveiled at the ASCO Oncology Fair in Chicago, this test could prevent chemotherapy in 70% of women with breast cancer.

For Palex, we have designed a complete community editorial plan for its Twitter and Linkedin account using professional and technical content adapted to a specific audience: specialists in the field of oncology. In the Linkedin campaign we have specifically promoted content to redirect traffic to the website. In addition to sending InMails to oncologists and promoting newsletters specialized in medicine and oncology.

On the other hand, we have also created a media campaign in press releases and other general media. We have also carried out an SEM campaign in which we have established keywords such as oncology and chemotherapy blocking what is information for the patient.
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