Design and implementation of an optimized graphic presentation for all the devices

Sareb is the Fund for Orderly Bank Restructuring and manages real estate properties, it was founded in November of 2012, and helped clean up the financial and economic sector in Spain. Specifically it helped to the financial entities that did have problems due to the Real Estate economy. With the main goal of selling all the financial and real-estate assets received, Sareb works to disinvest the assets received in a long-term of 15 years. Achieving in this way the stakeholders, investors and the society as a full group.

To reinforce the goal of the former Real Estate website, we suggested to enforce the key points to achieve making the last step to a greater Real Estate website. The design is thought to classify and make visible the great quantity of assets that Sareb does have. A search engine has been implemented in order to optimize the searching process with an Enriched Catalogue and a Unique Repository. This search engine customizes the information by target and asset typology.

To improve the user experience, a more attractive and usable structure has been created which shows the assets in a more intuitive and obvious interface. The design of this interface is based for the touchable screens, which helps its adaptability to the different responsive devices of mobile and tablets.

In this new Real Estate website, Sareb, does want to show the distinctive treats which help it to have a unique personality in the market. The website does carry a lot of opportunities for their clients, with a unique and wide offer in the market.

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